• One Each of White, Warm White, Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Yellow, Pink & Purple Colours.
  • High Quality SGT Branded LED globes for your pinball or other uses.
  • Reduce Heat and Power Usage
  • Commonly used in the "Flasher" circuit in many pinball machines. (Does not flash on it's own).
  • 13V AC/DC. (Also work with 12V). Works with either polarity.
  • Each Globe has 8 x SMD3528 LEDs.
  • #89 Bayonet Base.

Note: The LED colour in the photos does not reflect the actual colour as it cannot be photographed exactly and different monitors show variations in colour also. If you want to be sure of the colours please see the sample pack which has one of each colour.

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SGT Pinball LED Bulbs 13V #89 "Flasher" SMD Sample Pack of 9 Colours

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