• High quality LED strips for your pinball or other uses.
  • Clear LED strips for brightness.
  • Reduce Heat and Power Usage.
  • 6.3V DC Only. (Does not work in reverse polarity).
  • If used on AC you will see noticeable flicker (See the 10xSMD & 3xSMD range for AC Operation).
  • A Strip of 20 x SMD 2835 LEDs.
  • Includes #44/#47 Bayonet Base (BA9S), T10 #555 Base and Alligator Clips.
  • Self-Adhesive Backing.
  • Choice White, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow*, Orange**, Purple*** or UV.
  • Approx Strip Length: 20cm
  • Approx Connection Cable Length: 5cm

    * Yellow colour is on the "orange" side.
    ** Orange colour is on the "red" side.
    *** Purple is Light Purple and is towards pinkish.

  • Useful for highlighting specific ares of your pinball or illuminating dark areas. Try in the outhole area between the flippers, in the backbox, under darker plastics, etc.
  • For best results clean the area before applying the sticky strip.
  • Even though it is low power is it best not look directly into the UV light.

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SGT Pinball LED Strip 6.3VDC Clear 20xSMD2835 *Choose Colour*

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