• High quality LED globes for your pinball or other uses.
  • Useful for spotlights or larger inserts (Used in our Spotlight kit).
  • No Dome suitable for confined spaces.
  • Suitable for most general illumination applications, inserts and feature areas.
  • Suitable where there is no residual current, if so or to be sure of no ghosting see my other listing for Non-Ghosting bulbs.
  • Reduce Heat and Power Usage.
  • 6.3V AC/DC. (Works in either polarity on DC)
  • 4 x SMD3528 LEDs.
  • T10 #555 Base
  • Choice of a packet of 10 of White or Warm White.

Due to limitations in LED technology orange is approx 20% less bright than white and yellow is approx 35% less bright than white. Purple is light purple. Ice Blue is a light blue. Teal is a greenish blue or cyan like colour. (See my other listings for Packs of 100).

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SGT Pinball LED Bulbs 6.3V T10 #555 Domeless 4xSMD3528 (Pack of 10) *CHOOSE COLOUR*

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